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Election Management SERVICES

Get the one-stop assistance you need to win the elections efficiently with our high-quality services like pertinent campaigns, timely surveys, efficient campaign strategies and supplies management. Our team of expert election strategists and social researchers will do everything possible to guide you through every venture of political marketing and make you a winner.

We provide political research, demographic analysis, voting trends, voting patterns with opinion polls & exit polls and historical election data. We gather factual and perceptional data and process it in our Information Management Software to provide insights and analysis to our clients.

App-Based Survey: Voters can be searched for and localized instantly using our specially designed Electoral Survey App.

Voter Level Information: All voter related information can be accessed directly via the App once a Voter list has been compiled.

GPS Based Monitoring: A Google Maps based sophisticated query system in our App helps monitor Voter data geographically.

120+ Survey Details: The App also provides previously compiled Voter survey data relevant to the current campaign.

Real-Time Information: All Voter related data present in the App are available in real-time to increase campaign analysation efficiency.

Data Safety: App data is secured under digital encryption on secure off-site servers for extra security.

A fully comprehensive report is compiled at the end of the exhaustive survey research on strategic issues with the details of the main problems and public issues. The report will present a clear picture of the client, his strengths and weaknesses and their image in a constituency.

Candidate Profiling: A strong candidate profile is formed out of the voter’s impression of you from your constituency.

Survey Analysis: Every shred of Voter data compiled through the App is put through a rigorous analysis algorithm to drive campaign strategy.

Campaign Design: Extensive discussion outlines the basic design of the electoral campaign, from the campaign message to the campaign finance.

Real-Time Data Analysis & Strategy Planning: The War Room serves as the thinktank hub where all the analyzed Voter data is used in real-time to plan the best election campaign for you.

The strategy will suggest a forward way, most beneficial to the leader, keeping in mind the opinion of his constituents. A priority-wise list of project events and awareness activities to be undertaken will be generated in order to satisfy the electorate.

Booth-Level Activity: We handle the creation of Booth-level Awareness Groups for disseminating information about the electoral candidate.

Rally Management: Whether you’re planning a rally, announcement, speaking engagement or election celebration, we can help you do just that.

Constituency Based Activities: From banners, lecterns, stages and sound, to chairs, carpet and stanchions, we have everything you might need for any and all events.

We also provide management services for electoral campaign handouts and supplies relevant to the various undertaken campaign events & activities, be it printed pamphlets or clothing and relief material.

Wearables: We provide customized T-shirts, caps, badges, headbands, masks, tattoos and various other accessories for rallies and campaign events.

Branding: A variety of branding material, be it printed stickers for walls & vehicles to hoardings & banners, is kept ready to be spread around the city. All kinds of vehicles with LED & 3D branding material will become a common sight around your constituency.

Goodies: Stacks of handouts printed with your campaign message including stationary, flashlights, umbrellas, smart cards, toys and gadgets will be ready to be given out during campaign activities.

Locomotives: A fleet of ground & air support vehicles will be at your command to spread your campaign message around. Helicopters, SUVs, bikes and cycles, all at your beck & call.

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PR 360

We provide Public Relation Services in the political arena covering a wide range of activities, including staging debates and holding seminars for government leaders. With services like News Management, Agenda Building, Issues Management, Event Management, Crisis Management, Political Public Relation Assessment and Digital Communication, we build your reputation by defining your audience and crafting a message that motivates them to respond positively.


To help you build the most successful political social media campaign possible, we will outline customized political campaign digital strategy tips to guide you from before your announcement to your election and beyond.


A personalised political campaign app will help you stay relevant, go mobile and build new connections.


Bulk messaging services on all platforms will be employed to increase campaign reach and awareness.


Politically motivating and campaign relevant creative content will be designed and posted on various social media platforms.


Newspaper, magazines and other printed material will be used to distribute relevant news and campaign information.


The candidate’s reputation will be enhanced via the use of digital video footage to showcase their campaign message and better qualities.


A catchy and relatable campaign slogan or song will help gain further popular support among the general population.


Our services help the clients control the constituency and keep them aware of the activities in their constituency. Party workers can be updated on a daily basis via SMS/email/call about the areas where the party needs to concentrate more. You can plan workers booth wise for election planning and can analyze the worker’s strength in different areas. Our exceptional Profile Management features enable you to share your views and publish your profile to everyone, update the work done by you and at the same time compare your work with those who have failed in doing so in past or in other areas, maintain your photo and video galleries of your activities and events in your profile and highlight the positive feedback which you will receive from people.

An online digital portal will allow citizen participation where the people can directly interact and share their views on the electoral campaign.
All details of the voters, developmental work, Jan Sampark, mobile numbers, demographics and voting trends can be managed effectively via constituency manager.
Thinking strategically about your campaign spendings and fundraising is the key to an election-winning campaign.
A full planned workup of all political projects to be undertaken along with their Cost Benefit Analysis will be presented for appraisal.
Door-to-Door campaigns, rallies, processions and debates will be organised to create a positive image of the candidate among the general population.
A comprehensive political research survey report generated at the constituency level will help identify the mindset of the people towards the candidate based on their feedback.

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